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Nothing ever really ends, does it?

「b o o m s t i c k」
13 December 1991
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The Journal
Hey there!
My name is Teresa and I'll be your host this evening.
On this journal I'll post graphics (icons, banners, wallpapers) and perhaps the awkward picspam of different things I enjoy, so hopefully you'll find something you'll like.
Talk to you soon and
enjoy your stay ♥

The Rules
♥Don't hotlink.♥
♦Credit me, eyesshuttightly, if you take anything.♦
♣Comment if you're taking.♣
♠Textless are not bases.♠
Also, I take requests so if you want anything drop me a line on any of my older posts or send me a message.

Current Obsessions
Game of Thrones
♪Real Madrid
♪The Avengers
♪Boardwalk Empire

only for theweak;
I've lost the ability to paint the clouds
Cause it's me you're draining
I'm stuck in this slow-motion dark tale
Cause everytime you run, I fall....

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I am the Solid Snake of LiveJournal.
My only husbando is Albert Wesker.

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